October 12, 2018 listen to Desire’s epic new single “Tears From Heaven”

Desire officially release the beautiful, pulsing unreleased version of their classic song of the same name, the group’s first new single in nine years. In a press release, Megan Louise said of the track:

“Tears From Heaven” is a song about crossing the divide between being a voyeur on the sidelines of your own life and taking action to make your own destiny…the mundane obstacles of the daily routine are pushed aside for a clearer vision of what’s to come.”

Premiering last week as part of the S/S Chanel runway show in Paris along with that new one from Glass Candy, Johnny Jewel, and another sick instrumental from Desire. “Tears From Heaven” is is out now, including an instrumental version of the track, as well as an acapella of Louise’s yearning vocals via Italians Do It Better. Listen below:

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