October 2, 2019 listen to CHROMATICS new album ‘Closer to Grey’

Closer to Grey is available for purchase digitally at the Italians Do It Better store for $1 or listen below via Spotify or Apple Music. Catch CHROMATICS live here in Miami November 21st in the 2019 series finale of CURRENTS at PAMM.

September 26, 2019 video: Sudan Archives – Confessions/Black Vivaldi Sonata

Directed by Nathan R. Smith. Sudan Archives says this of the video:

“Confessions, a female flip on classic rap music videos & resilient women surviving in a world that seems to be falling apart & ends with its alter ego Black Vivaldi, an ode to duality. It’s about being the seduced and the seductress, it’s about God & the Devil, Yin & Yang, & about the possibility that we might have it all wrong about the two.
Also free the fucking nipple!”

Athena is out November 1st on Stones Throw.

Posted by Bryan @ 10:13 am