September 11, 2014 new Arca – Thievery

Taken from Arca’s forthcoming LP Xen, out November 4th on Mute. Artwork by frequent collaborator and BFF, Jesse Kanda. Pre-order it here.

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September 10, 2014 mp3: new Grouper – ‘call across rooms’

|“The song is on one level very plain and literal, about a letter I wrote for someone I loved and could not get along with…On a more subconscious, poetic level, it is a letter to myself, as aspiration to love better.”Liz Harris|

Grouper’s forthcoming LP ‘ruins,’ is out October 4th on kranky.


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September 10, 2014 Mr. Twin Sister – In the House of Yes

Another sexy, late-night lounge pop jam from Long Island’s Mr. Twin Sister. As always, you can download the track here and pre-order the band’s self titled LP via iTunes, out September 23 on Twin Group/Infinite Best.

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