May 16, 2019 stream Erika de Casier’s excellent debut LP ‘Essentials’

Copenhagen’s Erika de Casier just dropped her debut LP Essentials, and instantaneously it’s one of our favorites. The record, which de Casier is self-releasing on her very own Independent Jeep label is intoxicatingly fresh with an affectionate club vibe, influenced by everything from classic …

September 25, 2018 III Points 2019 moves months; lineup stays strong

To avoid entirely, the¬†existential threat of hurricanes, III Points previously announced it was bypassing¬† 2018 and permanently changing the festival’s time of year. Now taking place at the end of Miami’s enviable winter season, the sixth edition of the city’s most interesting and diverse …

August 29, 2018 listen to Smerz new mix for FACT

Norwegian duo Smerz deliver a heady “romantic getaway” mix of experimental club-pop for FACT, featuring music from Eartheater, Astrid Sonne, Klein, and more including lots of unreleased original material. Listen below + check the tracklist here: