September 10, 2014 mp3: new Grouper – ‘call across rooms’

|“The song is on one level very plain and literal, about a letter I wrote for someone I loved and could not get along with…On a more subconscious, poetic level, it is a letter to myself, as aspiration to love better.”Liz Harris|

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September 9, 2014 mp3: dd elle – tell me



Here’s another beautifully bowed “love song”/pop jam from one of our favorite young producers, the mysterious DD Elle.  Fans of Jai Paul will approve. Download for free via Ryan Hemsworth’s continuously kind Secret Songs label.

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September 5, 2014 mp3: Doss – The Way I feel (Recycle Culture’s Slow Emotion Reel + Hyperpop Remixes)


If past remixes for Doss’  affecting single The Way I Feel from PC music’s Life Sim and London producer Ana Caprix weren’t choice enough, ever transforming producer Recycle Culture offers what might be the best of the lot. The aptly named “Slow Motion Reel”, expands …