December 14, 2018 hear Adult Swim’s ‘Fever Dreams’ compilation featuring Alice Glass, Marie Davidson, SURVIVE and more

Step into the void with Adult Swim‘s new Fever Dreams comp, featuring a “melange of Hughes-ian bedroom synth, Outrun-era car jams, and dark basement beats” — according to curator Dana Swanson — with music from SURVIVE, Com Truise, Marie Davidson, Alice Glass and many more. Listen + check the full tracklisting below:


1 Lazerhawk – Executeables (feat. Joey Division)
2 Dance With The Dead – TENSION
3 Com Truise – Simulation Cluster
4 Alice Glass – I Trusted You
5 Drumcell – Vapor Sleep (Hypoxia Mix)
6 GosT – The Call Of The Faithful
7 Jasper Byrne – Night
8 Carpenter Brut – Hush, Sally, Hush! (Run, Sally, Run! Remix)
9 Lovelock – The World is Upside Down
10 Power Glove – Haunted
11 NINA – The Calm Before The Storm
12 Maria Davidson – Chasing the Light
13 S U R V I V E – Full Raggo
14 Majeure – Stratos
15 GUNSHIP – The Video Game Champion

video: Chromatics - I'm On Fire

video: Hand Habits - placeholder