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November 19, 2021 NEGGY GEMMY – CALIFORNIA

The artist formerly known as Negative Gemini officially changes her name to Neggy Gemmy and drops the first single off her forthcoming new album, coming later on 100% Electronica. Go ahead and levitate too via the 360° VR visualizer for “California” below. …


Negative Gemini shares two exhilarating new tracks, originally featured in her Virtual Utopia VR Performances. Listen below:

Posted by Bryan @ 11:51 am

April 5, 2020 Negative Gemini drops new track “CLOWN CLEANER” during VR livestream

Negative Gemini unveiled an airy, beautifully ominous, previously unreleased, acid club banger during 100% Electronica’s livestreamed VR event “Beyond the Virtual Utopia” over the weekend. Listen/watch below + check the full 2 hr. long full immersive experience here: