October 22, 2020 Italians Do It Better drop After Dark 3

The label compilation features new music from CHROMATICS, Desire, Farah, and more. Listen to the whole thing below + download here.

April 17, 2020 CHROMATICS share updated ‘DEAR TOMMY’ tracklist + new single “TEACHER”

The Fuck is Dear Tommy? On deck, for real this time. Check the record’s official updated playlist – which includes previously released tracks Time Rider, Just Like You and of course the title track – and the watch the Johnny Jewel-directed video for dazzling …

March 29, 2020 III Points 2020 postponed until October

III Points has announced it’s postponing their 2020 event to October due to circumstances from coronavirus, but we’re happy to report the line-up remains largely intact, with some exceptions like Stereolab and Disclosure no longer slated to perform. However, some additions have been made, including …

Posted by Bryan @ 7:03 am