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April 17, 2020 CHROMATICS share updated ‘DEAR TOMMY’ tracklist + new single “TEACHER”

The Fuck is Dear Tommy? On deck, for real this time. Check the record’s official updated playlist – which includes previously released tracks Time Rider, Just Like You and of course the title track – and the watch the Johnny Jewel-directed video for dazzling …

March 6, 2020 CHROMATICS drop new single “FAMOUS MONSTERS”

CHROMATICS drop an unexpected, luxuriously cool, spoken-word dark-disco gem. Check the Johnny Jewel-directed video below + download the track here:

January 24, 2020 CHROMATICS share new single “Toy”

CHROMATICS dropped the massive deluxe edition of their steller new record Closer To Grey last week, and today they share a divine new single. “Toy” is a beautifully tormented, lovesick song, soaked in vulnerability and raw emotion with a naturally cinematic tone that …